Ideas are scary. They come into this world ugly and messy. Ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. They are the natural born enemy of the way things are. Yes ideas are scary and messy, and fragile. But under the proper care they become something beautiful.

I teared up to this and watched it more times than I could remember. It feels great to know that there is a place for you out there, even if you don’t know where just yet. 

Tonight #kareno


sing it with me

When I’ve had a few drinks and try to seduce my boyfriend



Hi Chichi, I’m hair flipping, was it too sexy

This is such an addicting app. (I took some printscreens myself.) Hear Radiohead’s new sound in PolyFauna!


Debbie Harry on the balcony. Taken by boyfriend Chris Stein.

Oh just my daily dose of hotness that is Debbie Harry

Carolina and her boyfie came by two weeks ago for a day trip. While us best friends talked and talked and talked, her boyfriend spent a lot of time snapping photos. They sent copies to me the other day and I gasped when I saw this photo—our legs never looked so good. I’ve always disliked my legs because I feel like my calves are so bulky especially when I’m wearing flat sneakers like these. Carolina and I spent many many many years complaining about our gams, and look at how fit they are now! Oh man I’ve never been prouder of my legzzzzz.

P.S. I really hate that this is blurry lol but there is some art going on here ya know.


How To Pasta

I am obsessing over this and I know why


Cindy goes to NYU part two. My brain doesn’t want to study just yet.

  • Me without money: Oh it's not *that* expensive. I like this. I like that. I'm gonna buy that next time. It's not *that* expensive.
  • Me with money: *Not gonna buy anything because everything is expensive or nothing looks attractive enough.*

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine

Seduction, by Chi Eulalia 
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The best part of having an artist boyfriend is that you get these art dedicated to you or, even better, of you. This one’s me, looking artfully pretty! Sweet. This is the final version but when I saw the creative process I just had to ask Chi to save them into separate files because they looked so good! You can see the other versions in Chi Eulalia’s ArtStack page, or website and Tumblr, where the artwork will be uploaded soon.

I’m all smiles :)


The Motto • cc @iloveugly #vscocam

Something to think about